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Xodus Band        



Our Vision


The Spirit of the Lord is upon us and he has anointed us to preach the gospel and to raise up a body of believers to be the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our goals are to impart the word of God, through music, so that anytime you can see the word of God, hear the word of God, and understand the word of God, you can be converted into the word of God so that you see, hear, and understand.  Now that we are converted, we shall go out and strengthen the brethren and as witnesses declare with boldness "As Jesus is ... so are we in this world!"


The Anointed X-Men

  • M.O.G. - Rapper, Crazy Praise

  • Chuckie - Vocalist

  • D-ROC - Leader, Crazy Praise

  • Black Mock - All Weapons

  • Big P - Percussionist

  • Baby Angel - Bass Guitar

  • Big Bluto - Keyboards, Effects

  • Taye - Master of All Weapons

  • Drew - Master of All Weapons


Our Mission


Our mission is to invade the enemy's camp and to take back what the enemy has stolen from God's People.  Our style is revolutionary, just as Jesus was in his time.  We are determined to execute our assigned tasks at all cost.  God is our leader and He has given clear instructions and equipped us with all that we need to overthrow the enemy.  The Anointed Xodus Band is ready to engage with the enemy knowing that the battle is already won.  We have dedicated our lives to impacting the lives of young people with a sound that is very familiar, but lyrics that exalt the most high God.

The Anointed Xodus Band is under the anointed leadership of Pastors Tony and Cynthia Brazelton, who are Pastors at Victory Christian Ministries International in Clinton, Maryland. 

The group has appeared at many events including Marsha Sumner's Holy Ghost Throwdown, many Gospel Invasions' worldwide events, including the event with guest speaker Deion Sanders.   Xodus has appeared at many local churches and universities in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.  Xodus Band was also the focus of a ABC News Channel 7 interview regarding Gospel Go-Go music.


The Annointed Exodus Band!

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