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Experience Unlimited (EU) began their music career in high school and helped bring the Go-Go dance groove to life.

Go-Go started to rise throughout the early 1980's with EU's appearance alongside rap grandfather Kurtis Blow on "Party Time", and even the release of a concert movie 'Good To Go'.

EU is one of the original Washington, DC Go-Go bands. Titles like "Da Butt", "Buck Wild", "Taste of Your Love", "Shake Your Thang" (Duet with rap group Salt & Pepa) are just a few of the Mega Hits from EU. After landing a soundtrack in 1988 with the great producer/writer Spike Lee's film "School Daze", EU scored a pop hit with "Da Butt" being the dance sensation. This showed the world who they were!!

EU's style is their energetic, groove-oriented live shows that earned them a large following in the 1980's.

During EU's success, they landed a record deal with Virgin Records that secured EU's place in the industry. They also collaborated with other artists which lead to touring in Japan, Germany, The Caribbean and other places throughout the world.

Suga' Bear

Sugar Bear's latest single entitled "BOUNCE" already has people saying it's a Hit! Get your copy today!

Sugar Bear and EU are on the road ready to perform at clubs, colleges, festivals, etc.


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