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The Hiphuggers


Maiesha & The Hiphuggers

Whatz Up! is in your stores now.  This cd is only a sample of what this band can do for ya' lobes.  Maiesha & The Hiphuggers have been wowin' the crowds since approximately 1997. 


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  • Maiesha Rashad, lead vocals

  • Gregory "Sugar Bear" Elliott, bass & vocals

  • Junie Henderson, lead & bkgrd vocals

  • Ju Ju House, drums

  • Louie Oxley, keys

  • Tony Cothran, lead guitar

  • "Mighty Moe" Hagans, congos

  • Marcus Gilmore, rototoms/timbales

With what started as a one-time gig, ended up being one of the tightest go-go acts to hit the circuit.

Soulful Songstress Maiesha & The Hiphuggers can be found performing all over town as well as out of town.  Their style and versatility is only surpassed by those we imagine to be superstars.  The Hiphuggers are superstars in their own right, and old school r&b & go-go fans show their love in numbers at their shows.


Maiesha & The Hiphuggers'

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